Rozalimas (Rozalye)

The whole 19th century a small town of Rozalimas (Rozalye) was in the worst position comparing to nearby Pakruojis (Pokroy) or Šeduva (Shadeve). However, at the end of the 19th century the town’s population increased (there were 549 people here, half of them were Jews).

Like in any Jewish shtetl, a synagogue, a mikveh, a school (cheder), a rabbinic house were built in Rozalimas. In small Jewish stores, sweets, shoes, fabrics or kerosene were sold. The only wholesaler of Rozalimas, Shapiro, used to purchase grain from local farmers and sell it in bigger towns, like Panevėžys (Ponevezh). Chaimas Sruolis was a taylor, Klovanski used to produce brooms from bristle, bought at local farmers. The town’s only electric door-bell on the pharmacy door attracted children, who were ringing the bell needed it or not, thus annoying, probably, not only the pharmacist Baras.

In 1930, a huge fire broke out in Rozalimas and many Jewish houses burned down. Most of the town’s inhabitants never recovered from the fire and moved to other cities.

Only two Rozalimas Jews survived the Holocaust.

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Aš esu Aušra, gidė. Kelerius metus intensyviai tyrinėjau žydiškąjį Lietuvos paveldą, o dabar nusprendžiau savo atradimais dalintis su jumis.

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