Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour on Jewish Vilna

While city is preparing for you to come,
I want to tell you a story of JEWISH VILNA online

Ask your friends, family or people from a local Jewish community if they wanted to join you for this 2 hours virtual experience on the worldwide famous VILNA JEWS.

What to expect

  • Stories about famous and not that famous PEOPLE who used to live in Vilna;
  • Pictures from THEN and NOW;
  • Explanations of the terms such as KLOYZ, HOYF, SHTIBL and others, if you don’t know;
  • Short virtual traveling using modern tools: panoramic photos, 3D maps, etc.;
  • Q&A;
  • Announcements of the REAL tours.

Our topics

  • What were the differences between Vilna and other European Jewish communities were?
  • Why Vilna was called Jerusalem of Lithuania?
  • What does it mean “a durkhhoyf” and “a shulhoyf “?
  • Legendary Vilna Gaon: who was he?
  • How many synagogues were in Vilna and what is the present situation of the Great Synagogue?
  • Who were Mark Antokolsky, Tsemach Shabad, and Fania Lewando, dedications and commemorations to whom you may find in the Old Town of Vilnius

This virtual tour will not cover the Holocaust, but if you wanted it could be also overviewed.

Other virtual Jewish Tours (more information on personal request)

  • Traces of Famous Litvaks in Vilna
  • Opening The Ghettos Gates – 3 hrs on Holocaust in Vilna, including the formation of Ghettos, the institutions and the order in the Big Ghetto, famous people, some of the survivors and the World Righteous Among Nations.
  • Famous Litvaks from around the country, including Leonard Cohen, Romain Gary, Laurence Harwey, Al Jolson, Jehuda Pen, Al Jaffa, Sonia Gaskel and others.

Duration: 2 hours with a short break
Price: from 70 Euros
Place: on Zoom

Price per person – 10 Euros. If you were interested in the join-in virtual tour, please give me a message I will send you an invitation when the tour takes place.

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